Percent of proceeds will be donated to non-profits supporting Children, Education, Veterans/First Responders, and our Furry Friends

Children: Serving 13 years on the Board of Directors for the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center opened my eyes to the need of funding organizations that treat the most vulnerable, our children. We are proud to support organizations in eliminating sexual abuse and domestic violence against our children.

Education: Sixty-eight percent of 4th graders in our country cannot read at grade level. The future of our country is in peril unless we get back to the basics in our educational system. We are proud to support organizations focused on reading at all levels.

Veterans and First Responders: Members of my family have served in the military defending this country dating back to the Civil War. Many more have served as first responders in law enforcement and the medical field. We are proud to support organizations in recognizing these men and women.

Furry Friends: Dexter and his cat friends have provided us with an incredible amount of love over the years. The world is a better place because of our furry friends. We are proud to support no-kill shelters and adoption of rescue pets.

Applications for non-profits seeking grants will be available on book release date.

About the Author

Adventures of the Old West are deeply rooted in the family tree dating back over 400 years. With Colorado as their backyard, the family took advantage of what the great outdoors had to offer.

A life-long conservationist, his parents taught him and his three younger siblings to enjoy and respect nature at an early age. Some of his fondest memories are of camping, fishing, and hunting trips in the mountains and plains of Colorado along with family time at his grandparent’s ranch in the mountains of Chacon, New Mexico.

He was honorably discharged after serving three years in the Marine Corps and entered the oil and gas industry at the age of 20 while attending night school. As a conservationist with a career in the oil and gas industry, he has lived the balance between nature and fossil fuels. The balance is simple, respect nature and be responsible stewards of our natural resources. No adventure is possible without fossil fuels, and there would be no nature to enjoy if we destroyed the beauty around us.

Floyd, Christa, their two daughters Desiree and Alycia, Dexter and his four cat friends call Colorado home.