Join us as we teach kids the alphabet in a first-of-its-kind ABC book. Learning to read while having fun, we teach kids the alphabet, share with them the many uses of fossil fuels in the world around us, and engage in a hide-and-seek of prehistoric animals.

First, we take a tour through the classroom identifying items from A to Z made with this natural resource. We learn that every item in the classroom is made with fossil fuels.

Next, we accompany Dexter in his adventures, identifying items made with fossil fuels. We learn that adventures would not be possible without fossil fuels.

Finally, we challenge the child to find the prehistoric animal hidden on each page. A guide is provided at the end of the book with the location of each animal as we introduce the child to our twenty-six, personalized, prehistoric animals. Each child has their favorite prehistoric animal. Which will be your child’s favorite?

The Book

We are proud to share our first book under Dexter’s Adventures. Follow along with Dexter and his cat friends in their first of many adventures to come. Hit the button below for some scenes from the book.

The Book

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fun and engaging process where we help children learn how to read by teaching them the alphabet using items in a classroom made with fossil fuels.
We will also educate kids and adults on the everyday use of oil and natural gas, illustrating the wide range of products this industry provides and demonstrating how many things in our lives would be impossible with out this incredible, natural resource.

Did you Know…

In the United States, 68% of 4th graders do no meet reading proficiency standards.

Dexter’s Million Book Challenge

In the history of book sales, only five books have sold one million copies in first-day sales*, a feat never achieved by a U.S. author or children’s picture book.

Join us in making Dexter’s Adventures the first children’s picture book from a U.S. author to sell one million copies in first-day sales.
Add your name to the list today and join us in making history. Once one million readers have signed up, we will start presales, provide a release date for the book, and schedule a book tour with Dexter. Can we reach this goal by April 29th, Dexter’s birthday?

* Presales count as first-day sales on book release date.