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Dexter's Adventures

The ABCs of Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels In The Classroom

Watch Dexter take the lead as dad kayaks through the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. Enjoy the ride as Dexter and Uncle Doney cross the Continental Divide over Independence Pass on an adventure bike. Dance to the music as Dexter and the Cool Cats play your favorite songs on the cell phone. Watch as Dexter ends the day under the warm blankets as a cold snow storm brews outside the mountain cabin.


What do all these adventures have in common? Fossil fuels.


From the kayak and adventure bike to the cell phone and warm blankets, none of these adventures would be possible without fossil fuels. These and many other adventures awaits your child as we learn the alphabet by reading Fossil Fuels in the Classroom: The ABCs of Fossil Fuels.

Written by Floyd Trujillo.

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