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Our Mission & Author Info

Our mission is to drive positive awareness of the importance of fossil fuels in our lives.

We hope to educate kids and adults on the everyday uses of oil and gas, illustrating the wide range of products this industry provides and demonstrating how many things in our lives would be impossible without this incredible natural resource. 

Meet the Author, Floyd Trujillo

Adventures of the Old West are deeply rooted in the Trujillo family tree which dates back over 400 years. With Colorado as his back yard, Floyd Trujillo took advantage of what the great outdoors had to offer. A life-long conservationist, his parents taught him and his three younger siblings to enjoy and respect nature at an early age with the motto “leave no trace.” Some of his fondest memories are of spending time with family at his grandparent’s ranch in the mountains of Chacon, New Mexico.


He entered the oil and gas industry at the age of 20 after honorably serving three years in the U.S. Marine Corps. As a conservationist with a career in the oil and gas industry, he has lived the balance between nature and fossil fuels. The balance is simple. Respect for nature and each other. No adventure is possible without fossil fuels, and there would be no nature to enjoy if we destroy the beauty around us. Floyd, Christa, their two daughters, Dexter, and his four cat friends call Colorado home.

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